A Prayer for 45 days!

16 08 2012

In case you have not heard, our Dossier is on its way to China! (we were assured that it is not on the slow boat). In a few days we will receive notification from the Republic of China that our Dossier has been received or a “Logged in Date” (LID). The typical response after the LID is 2-3 months for processing. We need your help!

We are asking all of our friends and family to pray for 45 days! We want to receive our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) in 45 days. I was recounting the way God moved only 4 months ago on Zi day where our expectations were blown away, and am praying now for 45 days. Would you commit to pray for the next 45 days that our paperwork will land on the “right desk” and will be processed in an incredible time?

In case you were wondering 45 days land about the end of September. Please let us know if you are praying with us, we love and long for the encouragement.

We will keep you updated as God moves!

Thank you!




2 responses

11 09 2012
Alicia Edwards


11 09 2012

Praying for the 45 days and praying everything works smoothlyand fast for you guys…love you all

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