2 07 2012

Last Tuesday as we were anticipating the completion of our Dossier, we learned that some of our clearances needed updating. This was the last piece we needed before we were able to take the next step in the paperwork submission. The clearances take at least 2-3 weeks , and after this realization our spirits were “down” to say the least. So only 5 days after the online submission we received the forms in the mail today!!!

Our paperwork is now on its way to The State Capital for verification, and should be returned to us by the end of this week of the beginning of next! And then off to our Agency headquarters in Michigan…and then to China!

We are so excited and continue to pray that things will happen at a baffling speed. God is a God of amazing things!

Thank you for following along with us and praying for us as we walk through the paperwork journey!





2 responses

2 07 2012
Jane Landis

So very happy that things are moving fast (not fast enough for you, I’m sure). He will be here before you know it.

17 07 2012
Helen Shupe

So glad this is coming along quickly…do you still have the jar of hearts necklace available?

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